About Me – The Irish Balance


Hey guys! I’m Ciara, an Irish girl (Boston born) and a qualified medical doctor. I’m passionate about nutrition, fitness and how these two things affect our health. I want to spread the message that eating healthily and exercising doesn’t have to be a chore – in fact, it can and should be a natural, sustainable, happy way of living, and I want to learn how to help people achieve this.

I’m also passionate about women’s health, and I am LOVING the huge rise in girl power surrounding nutrition and fitness which has grown on social media over the past couple of years. I want this blog to promote that message – that we can EMPOWER ourselves to live happy, healthy lifestyles free of silly restrictions and full of BALANCE instead.

This blog is about me sharing my journey and learning with you guys – in the form of healthy tasty recipes, workout ideas, nutritional information and all the other bits and pieces I think of along the way! Enjoy guys, I hope you love my blog as much as I am loving creating it! πŸ™‚ x

P.S. My main social media outlet is Instagram – check my page out @theirishbalance for daily recipe ideas, workout inspiration and general foodie fitness fun! Give a cheeky follow if you like what you see πŸ™‚


Disclaimer: I’m NOT a registered dietitian or nutritionist, or a personal trainer. I AM qualified in medicine, I’m a massive foodie and fitness fanatic,Β and I’m passionate about learning as much as I can about nutrition andΒ exercise, and how we can use it to better our health (from EVIDENCE-BASED reputableΒ sources). I have always been interested in this and IΒ read a lot of articles/books and listen to a lot of Podcasts to educate myself about it.Β Β I want to share what I learn with you, and make it accessible for all. And obviouslyΒ share delicious recipes for you to try!Β So remember that while following this blog – always look for evidence for yourselfΒ behind anything you try out.